i bet noiz cried when he got his tongue pierced

i was having the best sleep ever and then i had to wake up for school and now i’m just


let’s talk about these two

i drew you a small chibi of your design of tori uwu <33
I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! also i hope your birthday ROCKED


i drew you a small chibi of your design of tori uwu <33

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!! also i hope your birthday ROCKED

WIP of some cute chibi dweebs i’m workin on uwu <333


Did an art trade with lily (DMMD theme where I drew ren and she drew mizuki) !!!Sorry I’ve been so busy so had no time to work on this 8__8 sorry!!! THANKS LILY for drawing me mizuki asd;flasdlfasdf i feel bad that I haven’t had time to work on this because of school!

HERE IS UR DOGE GAWd. REN;;; i love rhyme vs ren and i love the bkgrounds of rhyme ;;; ahhh again, thank you for drawing my poor mizuki (bottom pic by lily LOL DAMN U WATERMARK) 838 he needs more love!!<3333 he looks great as always <333 UGHHHH how to draw again 8-8 

Please check out my friend’s awesome art trade of mizuki and look at her stuff! Right now she’s taking commissions ahh that would be super appreciated!


I’ve been meaning to do one of these for quite a while now, so here’s my first follow forever! I’d like to thank you for introducing me into new fandoms and being so friendly and helpful, I really admire you all and I wish I could talk to you more!!

I follow a lot of people, so I probably missed a lot of you but, I’d like to thank you anyway for letting me have an amazing tumblr experience!

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing day! (●・v・●)

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back at it again with Noiz


i unexpectedly got pizza for dinner so i doodled a noiz in celebrationimage

i just remembered once when me and ari were skyping, (i think it was our 5 hour long conversation on microphone lmfao) i don’t know how we got into it but we started singing 500 miles by the proclaimers and???? LMFAO I DON’T KNOW WHAT MADE ME THINK OF IT BUT I’M LAUGHING

i woke up this morning really refreshed because 1 i got a lot of sleep and 2 i woke up and went online and saw a really cute message from ari in my inbox u//u//u <33

i think today will be a good day??? i also have a really strong urge to draw tons fwaa~~

Cersei Lannister: Character Analysis


Cersei Lannister has been getting a lot of undue hatred throughout the series, and not enough credit. Yes, she can be a bitch. She’s done some bad things. But that doesn’t make her an evil person. What she’s done has been to survive and to protect her children. Cersei was a young girl in a hostile environment, who was then given to a warlord king as a prize and a pawn in a game of familial influence. This king then beat her, insulted her, cheated on her, and more. Yet Cersei is the one people choose to demonize. She is a woman in an extremely hostile environment, surrounded by people constantly spying on her, plotting to usurp or kill her or her children, and saying nasty things about her. Yet for all of this, Cersei is still strong and does not crack. She loves her children because they are all she really has: her husband was a drunken whore-monger, her mother died when she was young, one brother was estranged, the other brother a simple warrior, and her father was the very one that tossed her into the snake-pit of court life for royal influence. Cersei realizes that Joffrey is a monster, but she loves him anyway because that’s what mothers do. When Myrcella is sent to Dorne, Cersei cries and throws fits because her baby girl is going away, much like any mother when their child goes off to college or wherever. When Joffrey is killed, Cersei nearly loses her mind; he was her firstborn, he was the first bit of solace she had when she was alone with Robert and lost in the volatile world of King’s Landing. 

When Bran is thrown from the window early in the series, Cersei shows remorse that a fellow woman’s son is on the verge of death. Yet she knows that in order to protect her family, it had to happen. 

When Ned Stark tells her to leave the capitol, she retaliates by having him arrested. It was necessary to protect herself and her family. 

When she finds out that Joffrey ordered all of Robert’s bastards be killed, she is deeply troubled. This is because she understands that the bastards all have mothers, and those mothers will be losing their children, and to someone who so fiercely loves her children, that idea is heart-wrenching-ly painful.

Yet for all this, Cersei Lannister is not evil. She is cunning, resilient, and willing to be cutthroat if she must. She is abused, yet readers still look at her abuser (King Robert) in a positive light, while she is condemned. 

In short: Cersei Lannister has been through hell and back and is a boss ass bitch who takes no shit from anyone and will do whatever she can to ensure the safety of those she loves. 


(not my gifset, but I took a screenshot because it was very relevant; original art by jaimecerseigot; original analysis by me)


its cold and my hair’s getting long -_-

you should be arrested

[long pause]

because you stole my BREATH AWAY